Organic Vineyard

As you round the corner on the approach to Guneden Place the vineyard arises from the landscape as a thing of beauty.  The venture into organic wine grapes resulted in the selection of L’Acadie, Lucie Kuhlmann and Leon Millot as the first vines to be planted in 2010. In 2012 Marechal Foch was added. Since then the vineyard added Seyval Blanc and GM 318 and now has more than 2000 vines at a density of 800 vines per acre.
The vineyard slope faces southeast and has excellent water and air drainage. The soil is rich in organic matter and the acidity is neutral. Our vine rows have a north-south orientation which is at an angle to the slope and we utilize relatively tight row spacing at 7 feet. Our in-row spacing of 6 feet is generally double that of conventional vineyards in our region. Between the rows we encourage the growth of white clover which does not grow tall as our ground cover, this helps to minimize mowing requirements and the clover’s nectar is welcomed by our honeybees. Between the vines we have planted Rhubarb which has an early crop and therefor does not compete with the vines for nutrients. Once the Rhubarb leaves are established they provide excellent weed control under the vines. Our vines are high, cordons trained to a height of 4 feet and combining this with the shield they get from the Rhubarb make them less susceptible to mildew which is widely experienced in our region.

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