Highland Cattle

At Guneden, we are devoted to the preservation and conservation of one of Scotland’s oldest, most distinct and best known breeds – Highland Cattle. With long, thick, flowing coats and graceful, sweeping horns, these “beautiful, hairy beasties” have remained unchanged over the centuries. Known to have grazed the rugged, remote Scottish Highlands since the sixth century, Highland Cattle are perfect for Cape Breton’s climate and terrain. Requiring no feed supplement and little shelter to achieve and maintain excellent health, cold weather and snow have little effect on Highlands. They have been successfully raised as far north as Alaska!

Guneden Highland cattle are raised the Old-World way:
• Our soil has not seen chemicals for decades.
• The cattle are grass and hay fed.
• No supplements, medications, growth hormones or special finishing techniques are used.
• The herd grazes on large lush pastures to reduce emotional stress.
• The calves are slaughtered at an age of 3 years.
• The meat is dry-aged for 3 weeks to enhance flavours and tenderness and then vacuum packed to ensure extended shelf time.
• The result is natural meat for the health and environment conscious consumer.

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