About Us

Mary Doyle and Nahman Korem founded Guneden Place in 2014 with the vision of building a diversified organic farm that operates responsibly for the health benefit of our community as well as our livestock.

Our organic operation has three pillars: beekeeping, microgreens and wine grapes. We also raise Highland cattle for beef. Although we have not certified the beef operation we still adhere to the relevant organic practices.


Our motivation in operating a diversified farm is rooted in two core beliefs:

  • Being diversified is a safer way (business wise) to tackle weather unpredictability due to climate change.

  • Offering multiple food products to our community addresses the growing need for local products and it also improves food security.


Our priorities include ensuring our organic farm is environmentally sensitive, sustainable, educational and enjoyable, all while contributing to the local community here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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